Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Game

Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Game: Bring your baby shower party to life with fun baby games! Some games can ensure the baby shower celebration that you hold for your baby is fun and exciting. It can add a little zip to any meeting and help the people present get acquainted and feel comfortable with each other.
Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Game
Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Game
Here are some Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Game where later the party that is done is more vibrant and lively

1. Game Baby Names
Have your guests choose two names for babies. then ask them to write these names on a piece of paper. Ask them to find words that can be made from the names. The aim of the game is to make as many words as possible from these names. Give guests as much time as possible.

Tell guests that the minimum number of letters for each word constructed must be three. Words made of two or less words will not be counted. Also, ask guests not to tell the name they have chosen directly, because the game can be done by asking guests to try to guess the real names of the players who have been selected using the words that were built used.

2. Ball spoon bowl game
Put a number of cotton balls into a large bowl, and place another empty bowl in front of it. The player will try to transfer the cotton ball from one bowl to another while blindfolded. Players will go in this game one by one. Ask them to use a spoon to do it. Because the cotton ball is very light, it will actually be very difficult to measure how many balls you take with a spoon. The winner of the game is the player who is able to transfer the most cotton balls per thirty seconds.

3. Game of rice bowl
Fill the bowl halfway with uncooked raw rice. Then mix with a few pins (safety pins must be closed first). Ask guests to take turns one by one in this game. Close the players' eyes and arrange them right in front of the bowl. The aim of the game is to transfer as many pins as possible to different bowls in 30 seconds. It's a bit difficult too, because the pin also feels like rice.

4. Baby photo game

Ask guests to bring their own baby photos to the baby shower celebration. When guests enter the celebration area, ask them to give these photos to the secretary who will label them with tape that can be removed behind and record on a different piece of paper the photo's identity. Be careful with these photos because this is a very important memento.

Then complete the guests with a piece of paper and a pen and show baby photos to everyone one by one. Have guests try to guess the photo's identity and write it on their answer sheet. After that, reveal the answers to the quiz. The person who gets the best guess wins the game.

The Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Game above is just a few of the dozens of games you can play during the baby shower celebration. Make sure these games foster friendship and, of course, put your baby in the spotlight. This will definitely make your baby shower much more attractive and memorable.
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How to Determine and Choose a Baby Name

How to Determine and Choose a Baby Name: Choosing a baby name for your child is almost like choosing an identity. Ever heard of someone's name association with his personality? That's how our name works. A name forms a person's identity like a cookie cutter. So, it's better to get the best baby name for your son or daughter. Read on for some tips on how to give the best baby names to your little angel.
How to Determine and Choose a Baby Name
How to Determine and Choose a Baby Name
Here is How to Determine and Choose a Baby Name so that later one day it will not backfire for your child in the future:

1. Stop the name of your family tradition.
Choosing the right baby name doesn't always have to depend on what your old relatives consider the best baby name. That's your baby's name, not them. So, it's better to act like that. Once your baby is born, he will be stuck with the baby's name for life. That means it's not wise to just accept a baby name that matches your grandmother's or aunt's taste.

2. Look at the picture of the future.
You don't want your baby to always be called by monicker who will forever mock him or will allow his playmate to make a big laugh from him, right? Research the meaning of the baby name you want to give to your baby. Don't consider Beelzebub as a prospective baby name just because you hear it from a TV show and you find it funny. Don't use Rodelfa just because the main actor of a cool Mexican TV show is called Rodolfo. Simply say yes to your stomach, think of people appearing in your head after hearing someone mention a particular name, trying to follow a trend by calling your baby a certain celebrity (sometimes famous) or NOT THINKING AT ALL in giving valuable to you one baby's name is huge!

3. Think carefully about nicknames
Consider reading your baby's initials. Make sure they don't defend something funny, annoying or something really stupid. Christine Sue Irving? What will happen to the next episode? Alvin Stephen Stuart? He must remember not to approach any holes. Fran Ursula Catherine Klein? Uh oh! See? Can you imagine the sickening situation that you experienced when your child grew up?

4. Check whether in your family member there is the same name.
Some still cannot escape from some traditions regarding baby name decisions, especially when they have a special bond with certain family members they want the person's name to be part of their baby's name. If you plan to keep up with the tradition of placing a part of your older relative's name on your baby's name, you should know if there are other people in your family who use that name too. You don't want to confuse people when they call names that are owned by two people. Ask around.

5. Don't make names that are too excessive.
Being too creative in thinking about a baby's name can backfire, I tell you. For example, spellings that are too unique. It will be difficult for the child to continue spelling his name to people who only know the general spelling of the name.

6. Decide with your partner.
It's not good to always be blamed when people ask who chose the horrible baby's name, right? Okay, joking aside. Sharing about this kind of decision making is a good way to advance your bond as a partner, not to mention the possibility of producing a better baby name. Keep in mind that "two heads are better than one" that is thought also applies to dealing with the difficulty of finding the most suitable baby name for your baby.
That's How To Determine and Choose Baby Names because talk, soothing relatives and friends and avoiding embarrassing initials and the discovery of disgusting meanings are some of the main concerns that must be considered in your search for the perfect baby name. You might find them a little tiring. But in the long run, you will see that doing homework will make your baby thankful when the right time arrives. Congratulations on naming babies!
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Professional Wireless Baby Monitors

Professional Wireless Baby Monitors: Baby monitors are a big help for parents who need a lot of things to do but don't want to sacrifice the safety of their baby. Baby monitors can be easily purchased online or at your local stores. However, there are also baby monitors installed by professionals. Unlike a baby monitor from a rack, professionally installed ones usually use high-end gadgets to monitor your baby.
Professional Wireless Baby Monitors
Professional Wireless Baby Monitors

Types of Baby Monitors
Basically there are two types of baby monitors: audio and video baby monitors. Audio baby monitors only use sound while video baby monitors use cameras and transmitters to send video feeds to LCD receivers. LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is the choice of manufacturers of baby video monitors because it is lightweight, and is the best mobility compared to CRT devices.

Baby monitors that use live video feeds may only consist of two things: wired or wireless. The wireless device is convenient and is a good partner for baby video monitors that use the LCD screen as a parent unit. They can carry it anywhere around the house while still feeling comfortable to look after the baby.

Benefits of Using a Professional Wireless Baby Monitor
When hiring or using a Professional Wireless Baby, LCD monitor, you are guaranteed one thing that is quality. Because this is the type of service and specialization they provide, you can be sure that you as a parent are given the best monitoring they can provide. This is one of the advantages of pro pros.

Another advantage is that there is usually customer support that will be willing to help you if you face a problem. Only a few presses on the telephone keypad and you will be immediately presented with several solutions to the problem you are experiencing.

Installing a different baby monitor can sometimes be troublesome especially if you don't know anything about gadgets and other electronic devices. Other people will do it for you while still asking for your consultation.

The quality of the device used as a baby monitor will also be of high quality. Professionals, as the name suggests, will do everything they can to please their customers. They will give you the latest technology baby monitors. The better the technology, the better the monitoring will be.

Disadvantages of Using a Professional Wireless Baby Monitor
The biggest disadvantage of using a professional wireless baby monitor is the cost. Compared to using a rack gadget, the professional will be much more expensive. This is of course expected because you will be given the best baby monitoring system they can provide. Of course, if you have money for that, then this won't be a problem.

Another small disadvantage of baby monitoring is that you have to confide in the company if you want something changed - position, monitoring gadget, monitoring system, etc. Unlike when using your baby monitor, which you can position for your favorite anytime anywhere, you still have to wait for their personnel to come and do it for you.

In the end, choose whether to be pro or just use what is available depending on your preferences and most importantly your budget.
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Avoid Stimulating Your Baby during Breastfeeding at Night

Avoid Stimulating Your Baby during Breastfeeding at Night: When your newborn baby grows, slowly adjusts to sleep at night and is awake during the day. In addition, because the baby's stomach grows and contains more breast milk or formula milk, it can be used for a longer time between breastfeeding at night. 

Avoid Stimulating Your Baby during Breastfeeding at Night
Avoid Stimulating Your Baby during Breastfeeding at Night
At around three months of age, your baby will probably sleep about 15 hours from each 24 hour period, and two-thirds of that sleep will occur at night. Most babies will get used to a daily sleep routine of two or three periods of sleep during the day, followed by "sleeping all night" for 6 to 7 hours after giving dinner.

You can help adjust your baby's body clock to sleep at night by avoiding stimulation during breastfeeding at night and diaper changes. The act of breastfeeding itself often provides eye contact and sound, so try to keep the lights low and resist the urge to play or talk with your baby. 

This will strengthen the message that the night is to sleep. Keeping the door closed so that it doesn't mean well but vocal in older children, partners and pets will also continue to reduce your baby's stimulation. Avoid using music phones or toys as a way to put your baby back to sleep after dinner. This will also help strengthen that the night is to sleep.

And, like adults, babies who are too tired are often more difficult to sleep than those who have enough sleep during the day. So, keeping your baby thinking that he will sleep better at night may not work. You may find that when your baby sleeps regularly during the day, it's easier to make him sleep again after breastfeeding at night.
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Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces

Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces: There are many things that you can use for a baby shower centerpiece. The more traditional centerpieces that are usually used for baby showers are bouquets of flowers. You can place your favorite flower choices and arrange them in a beautiful basket. If you have a theme color, or motif, you can combine it with your flower arrangements.
Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces
Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces
There are many sizes and shapes of baskets that you can use for your flower arrangements. The best thing about flower arrangements is that they add an element of nature in your home. The freshness and beauty of these flowers will add a soft touch to your baby shower.

If you want to make your centerpiece fun, and more fun, you can add baby items to your flower basket such as washcloths, soft toys, baby bottles, bears and rabbits, plant toys, small colorful socks, etc. . This will be the right theme for baby showers.

But if you don't want to make your own baby shower centerpiece, you can always buy these ready flower centerpieces. The price varies depending on what is included in the package. The average price of a baby shower basket is around $ 60. This includes flower arrangements, and baby items such as: rubber ducks, soft toys, blankets, washcloths, rattles, and sets of combs & brushes.

Another popular centerpiece in baby shower is diaper cake. Now, understand that diaper cakes are actually not edible cakes. This is a set of diapers arranged in a way that resembles a real cake! The great thing about this is that diapers can then be used by babies after a baby shower. This is a very practical Baby Shower Centerpieces.

But if what you're after is a more festive atmosphere, you can always use balloons! After all, what does a celebration without balloons mean? Tie a stack of colorful balloons for weight, then place them on your desk. Very cheap balloons. If you work on a limited budget, balloons are a great idea. Plus, they are very easy to find. Run to any party shop, and voila! Balloon!

Hey! Did you know that plants can also become centerpieces? Just add toys with plants, such as small bears or rubber ducks, and place them in colorful pots. Instantly you have a unique baby shower center.

Fishbowl also functions as the center of attention! Decorate your aquarium with beads, add water and floating candles. This will be a beautiful center of attention. Baby shower gift baskets also function as the center of attention too. If you have received such a gift in advance, why not place it. The great thing about this, is that it has followed the baby shower theme. The secret is to be creative. There are no rules about Baby Shower Centerpieces. You can even use a toy doll, and tie it to a balloon.

Maybe you want to create a beach theme, you can put small baby blankets, toy boats, beach balls, and even small treasure chests! The baby shower program is a happy event for new mothers, and babies on the boat. Baby shower centerpieces add to the atmosphere of the event. So, just be creative and have fun!
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How to Treat Your Baby's Cold

How to Treat Your Baby's Cold: Your baby's cold can be as heavy as yours. But you can help relieve your baby's discomfort and keep the infection from worsening by making sure he gets enough rest and fluids, which will include breast milk or formula if he is less than four months old. Older babies can have a little water, and at six months they can start drinking juice.
How to Treat Your Baby's Cold
How to Treat Your Baby's Cold
To reduce congestion, try squeezing some free-selling saline solution into each nostril, then suction with a rubber syringe after a while to remove mucus and fluid. This works well about fifteen minutes before breastfeeding if your baby has difficulty breathing while breastfeeding. A little petroleum jelly on the outside of your baby's nostrils can help reduce irritation.

Sitting with you in a steamy bathroom while hot water lights up in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, or using a vaporizer or cold mist moisturizer to increase the humidity in your baby's room should also help provide a little help for him. A warm bath can also function, and may provide additional comfort.

Sleeping on a slight angle can also help alleviate postnasal droplets. However, don't use pillows in the box to achieve this; the risk of suffocation is too large. Try placing a few rolled towels between the spring and mattress, or you might also want to try letting it sleep on the car seat in a rather upright position.

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Be sure to contact your pediatrician at the first sign of any disease in a baby younger than three months, especially in a case of fever 100.4 degrees or if he coughs. Your pediatrician can give you guidance on what constitutes a fever in an older baby. If the baby's symptoms do not improve in five to seven days, the cough has worsened, he is wheezing or panting (possible pneumonia or syncytial respiratory virus, or RSV), or tugging at his ear (possible ear infection), your pediatrician must be notified immediately .
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Know Baby Sleep Habits

Know Baby Sleep Habits: As a new mother, you might wonder if your baby is getting enough sleep, or too much sleep. There are guidelines about what to expect, but of course this can vary from baby to baby. Even if you have children before, each baby will be different.
Know Baby Sleep Habits
Know Baby Sleep Habits
Newborns usually sleep around 16-17 hours in a 24 hour period. Most babies will not sleep all night until they are at least 3 months old. There are several reasons why. First of all, their stomachs are very small and they will get hungry quickly, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby. Breast milk is much easier to digest than formula milk, and your baby needs to suckle more often, especially at the beginning.

Babies also have shorter sleep cycles than adults and have shorter dream cycles. However, in general, newborns should sleep around 8 or nine hours during the day and around 8 hours at night. This won't be in an 8 hour cycle, of course. At first, sleep time will be very short.

As the baby grows older, up to about 2 years, he will still sleep 13-14 hours, but the amount of sleep during the day will decrease from month to month. At the age of 2, your baby must sleep through the night with a nap 2 hours during the day Again, this will be different for each child. Your baby may need to sleep a little longer or two short naps. However, at this age, try not to take a nap, because this will make it difficult for you to sleep several hours later at bedtime.

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Once the baby starts sleeping regularly throughout the night, parents are often disappointed when he starts waking up at night again. This usually occurs at around 6 months of age and is often a normal part of development called separation anxiety, when the baby does not understand that separation is temporary.
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