Baby Boomer Generation

Baby Boomer Generation: When you are in your neighborhood, you will usually see many teenagers hanging out together. Teen life is probably the happiest and most exciting time. As a group, they will spend a lot of time doing things together. There are even times when they try to regulate trends. This must be the reason why several generations are known for their different characteristics and uniqueness.
Baby Boomer Generation
Baby Boomer Generation
Baby boomers leave a mark in history when they were born. And when they grow up, they are able to create an 'explosion' that affects the whole world. After World War II, around seventy-six million baby boomers were born. They are all owned by a nurturing and progressive family. Their parents want to ensure their success in the future by devoting themselves to caring for their children in social, spiritual and economic aspects.

Doctor Benjamin Spock was a famous pediatrician at the time. He can publish books on baby care, which most mothers rely on for advice and guidance. Many parents in the US treat it like their second Bible. Most baby boomers grow up in homes with a democratic environment that teaches them about discipline and reason.

The baby boomer generation is specifically identified because of their personality. They have self-enjoyment and self-esteem; they always think critically and are used to questioning whatever they see, these things make the boomers stand out in every crowd.

Their generation does not want to obey the rules, but they want to purify, justify, and impose changes in certain aspects where they think it is necessary. Boomers ignited the political and social axis that brought dramatic changes that were recognized throughout the world. The baby boomer generation represents about 29% of the US population. Generation is a 'breakthrough', because many people want to say it. Boomers are a generation of 'stress' and 'me', as claimed by many smart marketers.

This famous generation is not afraid to challenge social norms, and turn them into acceptable norms. Baby boomers love rock music, free love, and drugs and all are spearheaded by this generation. They are quite demanding in terms of product quality, comfort, and value for their money. They want to make the most of their time, and they don't want to waste time.

Today, boomer generation is aging, but this does not mean that the world is approaching them. They are still alive and kicking. They want to stay young, and even retirement is out of their context. They have a great interest in fitness, health, longevity, attractiveness, and always look young. They are like teenagers once again.

Because of current medical advances, boomers can expect a number of years to add to their lives compared to the previous generation. This particular generation has great hopes for everything possible because they are interested in traveling, thirsty for information, well educated, and always involved in the political process. The 21st century is a time when boomers dominate the landscape because of their values, interests, and needs for fiscal and social policies that shape the current political agenda.

Boomers are better known as the generation of the most divorced couples and households with both working parents. This is different from how they were raised by their parents. During their childhood, their mothers stayed at home to meet all their needs. But now, this is very different. These things redefined family life and now it's common to find families with only one parent, join a family, and remarry. Many children today grow from broken families or their parents remarry. Then there is the revolution of gender and egalitarianism idealism, which supports equality among all individuals. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman; this generation promotes equality and lack of class. They redefined the boundaries that distinguish men and women.

The baby boomer generation has contributed to many important developments in society, and the nation as a whole. And even though they are now old, they still want to stay on top and contribute whatever they can to the community where they are. Their generation will be long remembered even if all baby boomers die. With their many contributions to the world, their 'explosion' will still be heard for years to come.
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